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Meat, Prawns and Fish

Sidhu Food B.V. supplies Fresh and Frozen assortment of meat in the following categories;

  • Lamb - We deliver the best quality lamb in the market place at this time. Our lamb is imported from New Zealand by our suppliers. By choosing lamb that has the quality mark of New Zealand displayed, you are assured that the highest standards have been met in production. Lamb delivered to you is tender, lean and meets food safety requirements.
  • Chicken - We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we deliver safe, healthy, tasty quality chicken meat products to our clients.
  • Beef - Beef delivered by Sidhu Food B.V. is vacuum sealed to ensure the freshness and quality is maintained. Our best selling products are freshly delivered to our suppliers from Brazil and Argentina. Excellent quality is available, whether you require frozen or fresh beef.
  • Prawns - Prawns are perceived to be a luxury in cooking. High quality, tasty prawns are offered in all the best selling outlets, who offer that little bit extra for their customers. Sidhu Food B.V. offers over 25 different prawn products to meet client specific requirements, at highly competitive prices.
  • Fish - We offer a selection of fish. Upon a regular, specific request we are able to purchase for you any type of fish you require.

To ensure high quality of all our products, our transport vehicles have cooling mechanisms installed. Our products reach you in perfect condition.

Note* Our meat selection is Halal certified.

For more information on our selection of meat, fish and prawns, please contact us.