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Sidhu Food offers a constantly expanding range of products;

  • Meat, Prawns & Fish - All meat supplied by Sidhu Food B.V. meets the guidelines set forth by H.A.C.C.P and The Dutch Hygiene Code. Our suppliers work under the provision of The Dutch Inspection Services, and are Halal certified.
  • Rice, Flour and Grains Must have accompaniments to any Indian meal. We offer a wide selection to meet varying client requirements.
  • Spices, Dry Fruits & Nuts A wide range of seasoning are always in stock to ensure that delicious aroma in Indian cooking is replicated again and again in every meal.
  • Pastes & Sauces - Quick, easy and ready to use mixtures that can be added to your dish, for a truly authentic Indian flavor.
  • Pickles & Chutneys -We stock a variety of side dishes, essential for the complete experience of Indian food.
  • Pulses, Beans and Peas The staple ingredients used to make an amazingly satisfying taste, suitable for any palate.
  • Canned Food - The hard work has been done for you, just open and use.
  • Fresh Produce - We provide the vital fresh ingredients required for the preparation of your meal.
  • Other Food Oils, Ghee, and Papadams are also available from our selection, together with various sweet products.
  • Beverages - We offer both Alcoholic and Non alcoholic from juices and fizzy drinks to Beers and Liquors.
  • Non Food - We have a selection of products ranging from cooking and serving utensils to incense sticks.
  • Tandoor - We offer the latest in Tandoori Oven production. Click here for brochures on our excellent quality Tandoor.

For further products and inquires please contact us.