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Tandoor Products

All Indian restaurants have a Tandoori Oven. Most Tandoori Ovens last between 12-24 months. Our Supplier works to ensure this life span is measured in years and not months.

A one time investment in an excellent quality Tandoori Oven saves a lot of expense, incurred both in time and money in the long term.

By far the most popular oven we sell is the Gas fired Tandoori Oven.

This oven is safer, cleaner, and easier to use than the traditional Tandoori Oven. Tests by our suppliers prove that "The strategically positioned lava stones over the heat source give the authentic charcoal broiled flavour to the food being cooked." Source: Supplier.

An additional benefit of this Tandoori Oven is its availability in LPG gas. This enables the oven to be transported outside the kitchen, for outdoor catering at local events/parties etc. A great way for restaurants to increase profits for their business!

The enormous long term benefits of investing in a strategically adapted Tandoori Oven for restaurant use, far outweighs the stress and cost associated with the traditional oven, which have proved to be unsafe and costly.

Sidhu Food B.V. offers a free installation service upon request + 2 month free support service. Additional support is available for a small fee.


Our supplier is BSI inspected and CE approved to conform to all EECgas supplies.

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