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Sidhu Foods


Importer and distributor of Ethnic Foods
Wholesale, distributor of Meat, Prawns and Fish
Supplier of Beverages

Vegan and vegetarian indian cuisine hot spicy dishes

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Meat, Prawns, Fish


Pickles & Chutneys




Pulses, Beans and Peas


Spices, Dry Fruits & Nuts


Canned Food


Flour Products

Flour Grains

Fresh Produce

Farm Fresh.


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About Sidhu Foods

Sidhu Food B.V. was established in the late nineties and began small, serving the niche Indian restaurant market in The Netherlands. The company has gradually increased in size, to meet the increasing demand for it’s excellent service and quality products. Today the company is well known for its efficient and streamlined delivery service and its range of products – across the Benelux region. Our clients range from restaurants to mainstream companies looking for our products. Our European distribution continues to expand into other EU countries, as more and more clients reap the benefits of ‘delivery at their doorstep’.

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